Has your Leasing Provider Hit you with any Hidden Charges?

At Agility Fleet we believe in complete transparency.  We offer competitive rates, outstanding customer service with no hidden costs.

No one wants to hit by end of contract recharges, whether it be excess mileage, damages or administrative fees. With this in mind Agility Fleet wanted to change how the industry was perceived and reduce the stigma around Contract Hire and hefty bills and it has certainly paid off.

2017 Iceberg brochure

Living by the businesses core values of integrity, enthusiasm and flexibility is a way of life for Agility and mirrored in their customer centric ethos of putting the client first. Agility Fleet was established in 2004 to be the preferred Vehicle Funding and Fleet Management partner for sub 200 fleets, providing customers with a service they want rather than what suppliers want to bestow.

Thus, reflected in receiving amongst of awards, the FN50 Customer Service Award. The Agility team demonstrated how it goes the extra mile and provides outstanding customer service at every opportunity.

Keith Townsend, managing director of Agility Fleet, said: “We pride ourselves on building relationships with our customers and are proud to have been named number one in our industry for providing exceptional customer service.”

Hidden recharges aren’t the only factor as to why Agility Fleet differ, treating all customers with integrity, having  dedicated Account Manager and providing a tailored service for your fleet whether it be for 10 or 200 vehicles you will always be a large company to Agility.

We have our own de-fleet centre where all vehicles are returned and inspected by our own fully trained staff, we do not use a 3rd party.  We follow the BVRLA guidelines for fair wear and tear but apply common sense only re-charging when necessary keeping costs to a minimum.

We’d be delighted to meet with you to discuss Agility Fleet further and cover all the other benefits we can offer.  If you are interested, please contact us on 01527 571605 or email info@agilityfleet.com

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The All-New Mazda 2

This high level spec hatchback is bursting with energy, character and it’s striking new design is turning heads.

Whether you are on the motorway or commuting within the city this super hatchback offers exceptional MPG (83.1mpg) and CO2 (89g/km) and reaches 0-62mph in 10.1 seconds.


The Mazda2 is premium in look and feel, it is also jam packed full of technology fitted as standard. Such as; SAT Nav, Climate Control, Cruise Control, Touchscreen, Smart City Brake Support and SKYACTIV Technology all centred around the driver cockpit to ensure a comfortable driver experience.

If you are interested in having the Mazda2 become a part of your fleet contact us on 01527 571605.

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SME’s and tailored solutions

After reading the blog post by Steve Whitmarsh ‘SME: Tapping into the goldmine’ it made us think about how we evaluate and service the needs of SME’s.

In the article Steve states a valid point:

“The needs of an SME are not dissimilar to the needs of a large organisation, and the sales process to convert these fleets to contract hire requires the same level of investment, thought and consultation. Therefore, beware of the contract hire company that has a dedicated department for SMEs (this generally guarantees SMEs get a lower level of investment, thought and consultation).”

This is why we pride ourselves on offering a personal solution to fleets of all sizes with access to best practice solutions and account management typically associated with large corporate fleets.

Steve also goes on to ask why aren’t sales and lease back being offered? Many fleets aren’t aware of the effects of leasing vehicles and the effects on balance sheets.

However, with Agility Fleet’s whole life cost analysis service we can review all the current company vehicles as an outright purchase and make recommendations on how to do it more cost effectively. Our overall aim is to provide customers with an understanding of all the costs associated with running a fleet to help make purchasing decisions simple, as well as making budgeting easier.

We are proud to be able to give our customers a solution tailored to their business and provide a clear picture which allows them to make an informed decision about which vehicles are right for their business and their needs.Blog divider