Review: Fiat 500X SUV

Make and Model:

Fiat 500X SUV AWD

Engine Size:

1.6 Multijet AWD Automatic diesel


The 1.6 litre diesel engine can achieve 68.9mpg and 109g/km. Whilst reaching 0-62mph in only 10.5secs it makes up with a spacious, very comfortable inside thats full of character.

The benefit of having the added panoramic open and tilt sunroof made the cabin lighter inside, which added to spacious feel. The trim, paint and interior are all co-ordinated and with the added 500x logo emblazoned at strategic locations including the interior of the light cluster made the overall feel very modern and impressive.

In conclusion the off road 4×4 was extremely stylish, spacious and modern.

First Impressions – Exterior:

The colour co-ordinated alloy wheels and body moulds gave it an off road feel. It looked nothing like the ordinary 2 door Fiat 500, which was surprising, even to the people that it was shown to.

First Impressions – Interior:

The controls are nicely positioned and you don’t need a degree in computer science to understand how everything works. The gadgets are not over the top and iconic Fiat sized controls set the interior. There’s plenty of space for both driver and passengers front and back, a handy compartments to place drinks or snacks when travelling a distance.


The drive adapted well to different situations, so it wasn’t 4 wheel drive all the time. Although it may take longer than your average car to get up to speed it makes up for it in comfort and road handling for sure. With the added surprise of the 500X being that quiet to drive we had to make sure it was definitely a diesel.


With plenty of interior room and a large, double floored boot area this makes the Fiat 500X ideal for families or those with dogs that need transporting. The high level of standard safety equipment is impeccable with 6 airbags, ESC (electronic stability control), lane/blind spot assist and emergency breaking. All necessities especially when purchasing as a family car.


Mazda CX-3, Skoda Yeti, Renault Captur

Overall Thoughts:

Our purpose was to check out the cars practicality for family use and it ticked the boxes as far as we were concerned. There was plenty of room and it was an easy and comfortable drive.

The 4×4 version was particularly well styled and drew a few looks because it was labelled as a 500. We would certainly recommend the 500x for its practicality and style.

Score (Out of 10):

500x review score

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The Importance of Driver Licence Checks

There are many different categories to driving licences and a key part of running a fleet of any type – car, van, truck, minibus or 4×4 – is making sure that your employees drive legally with a valid driving licence. There are variations arising that may impose on an employee’s validity to drive such as; country of origin and vehicle classification. These checks are not only necessary for company vehicles but for any vehicle an employee drives during working hours.

As an employer, it is your duty of care to ensure that professional drivers, company car scheme ‘opt out’ drivers, grey fleet and pool car users are appropriately licensed and insured to drive. This ensures that in the event of an incident, risks for the employee and employer are mitigated and compliance improved.

Conducting a driver licence check and gaining validation can bring a number of benefits to your business, including:

  • Reduced risk of misinterpreted information, fraud and dishonesty
  • Confidence that your drivers are appropriately licensed and insured
  • Avoidance of potential fines under corporate manslaughter and health and safety legislation

Research from the AA shows that 1 in 650 drivers are driving while disqualified, and 1 in 300 have a revoked or expiring license*. This could therefore mean without regular license checks you may be exposed to additional risk, and not be compliant with your duty of care responsibilities.

Ensuring you have a robust and well-managed policy, with a signed and dated copy of the employees licence on record may protect the company and its managers/directors, should the worst happen.

Best practice suggests that driving licence checks are carried out on an annual basis. To help with administering this process, we offer to carry out driver licence checks on your behalf.  Depending on the risk factors it may be of benefit to your company to check all employees licences on a 6month period.

*Source: AA DriveTech Fleet Risk Management Document “Driving For Work”


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